Watch ANY Online Videos/TV (PPStream, PPLive etc) on TV via DLNA

Sometimes, we can’t get the streaming source for online videos, TV shows, and Live TV so as to send it to TV via DLNA using a DLNA server such as TVersity.

For online TV like PPStream, PPLive, these popular Chinese online TV software, there were some methods introduced using VLC: Link 1Link 2, and Link 3. The idea is this. VLC captures the online streaming, and generates a secondary streaming, which is taken by TVersity and shared on the local network. But it seems none of these works for me for uusee, pplive and ppstream, since I can’t find the streaming source for these software.

Streaming the whole screen will be an ultimate method that can work with any media source via DLNA streaming.

More details about VLC and TVersity can be found here: and

Here is how it’s done.

VLC can capture the screen using screen://. But it turns out it can’t capture audio simultaneously using input-slave: dshow://. The workaround would be to use DirecShow with a directshow filter, such as VH Screen Capture.

VH screen captures video or audio only in MP4. But both captured, video is not shown, even though MediaInfo shows video data is stored. For DIV3+MP3 (asf), VH can’t see video at all, even though video data was also stored. Without transcoding, output .asf file is fine. But the data file is so big, and VLC crashes soon. The picture captured in MP4 are really great. It’s the best picture I’ve got compared to other ways mentioned here.

UScreenCapture works fine with DIV3+mp3(asf) and MP4. But the picture quality is a lot worse, even if using larger BitRate and generate big data file. Anyway, for the time being, by using directshow (UScreenCapture), video and audio can be both captured.

Another problem is my SoundMax HD audio sound card doesn’t have Stereo Mix. So I use a stereo audio cable to connect my speaker and mic ports, sending sound from the speaker to mic directly. VLC captures the audio from the microphone.

If you can see your screen, but not the video, you may need disable the hardware accelaration, which can be found at the property of your graphics.

I make the streaming using the VLC GUI. I select the video and audio sources, transcode it to DIV3+MP3, 25fps, 4096 kbps, and then stream it to mms:// or, which is further shared by TVersity. Then I can watch on my Samsung HDTV anything on PC. It works great, particular for PPStream that I use it very often.

This way, I don’t need worry about that the media type for TVersity or Samsung TV any more. Whatever I can see on PC, I can see it on TV.

** When using VLC, try to transcode with some codecs that are natively supported by your TV. Then TVersity doesn’t need do another transcoding. That will work much better.