Foxit PDF Reader/Editor

Acrobat is very powerful. But the it’s pretty big taking a lot of space and memory. With version 8+ professional, people can create fillable and savable forms. For those files with un-savable forms, people can only print it after they fill out the form which sometimes make things annoying. Most of times, we just use it to read and print papers stuff. When we are viewing a website with a pdf file and we want to open it. Then we need a while to wait for the acrobat to bootup. For some computers, it could cause problems if the file is pretty big or you have a lot of files to open.

I started using foxit reader/editor a while ago. It seems this is a pretty nice alternative. It’s very tiny small which takes a little harddrive space and memory which of course will also vary for different sized pdf files. And, it could even edit any file and SAVE it even no matter if it’s a fillable or savable form. So I would use foxit as my main pdf reader. If necessary, e.g. I want to do some advanced work that foxit can’t do, I run acrobat. Actually, there are a lot of advanced add-on features with foxit that we could download anytime. But those are not free. The foxit editor can basically create a pdf file like using word. If you could get a cracked editor, you can use it without any marks printed on your file.

Foxit PDF Tools Download: